29th March 2024: Our Daily deLIGHT~6th Day-Knowledge

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Happy Preparation Day for the weekly Shabbat and the Last Day of Unleavened Celebration!!!!  May it be filled with the presence of our King as we prepare to enter into and worship!!!

Today we will look at a set of verses that have been used many times to show that we are “free” in Yeshua from keeping the laws and commandments given by YHVH.  Misunderstanding what Scripture means leads us away from the true knowledge given to the people of YHVH.  May the Spirit of knowledge open our hearts and eyes so that we can clearly see what is being taught to the congregations.

Romans 10:1-10 says, 

1 Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to Elohim for them is for their salvation

2 For I testify about them that they have a zeal for Elohim, but not in accordance with knowledge[The true knowledge is not known but an excitement for Elohim is there.]

3 For not knowing about Elohim’s righteousness and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of Elohim.

4 For Messiah is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. [The choice of the word end in this verse has caused many to believe the Word of YHVH given at Sinai is overended.  The word end in the Greek is telos and its meaning is goal or point of.  End here does not have the definition of ceasing to be. So if we insert a better translation for the word end we will then know what is being conveyed. For Messiah is the goal of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. Meaning, this is who it is pointing too.]   

5 For Moses writes that the man who practices the righteousness which is based on law shall live by that righteousness. [This will be addressed in the comments below.]

6 But the righteousness based on faith speaks as follows: “DO not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’ (that is, to bring Messiah down),

7 or ‘Who will descend into the abyss?’ (that is, to bring Messiah up from the dead).”

8 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart”—that is, the word of faith which we are preaching,

that if you confess with your mouth Yeshua as Master, and believe in your heart that Elohim raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;

10 for with the heart a person believesresulting in righteousness [This is a key.], and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

For many of us, the knowledge that we had concerning the verses above created many contradictions in the Bible.  On one hand we are told all through the Bible, including the “New Testament”…the apostolic Scriptures, that we are to keep His commandments. Yeshua said He only speaks and does what His Father commanded and what YHVH commanded was given to Moses to write down at the mountain and confirmed through His prophets.  When we realize they only had the “Old Testament” to live by as the “New” had not yet been written, then how do we reconcile these verses and others like it?  

We come to know that each covenant has a purpose and one covenant ratifies (confirms) the other and does not do away with it. (Galatians 3:15)  When we have this framework in place we can then begin to have the proper knowledge of the truth.  Once the former interpretation that we inherited has been removed then we can clearly see what the truth is and in turn the Bible no longer contradicts itself.  HalleluYah!! 

The covenant made with Abraham is the covenant of promise and faith.  This is where we enter into the family of Elohim.  This is where salvation is given and begins.  This directly correlates to the feast of Passover where the blood is applied to the doorpost and lentil.  Salvation through Yeshua is the goal of the covenant made with Abraham.  It is the entrance into the covenant.  However, once we’re in covenant we must know how to live as righteous covenant people. This is where the covenant at Sinai made with Moses comes in to action.  As we’ve said before, it teaches us how to live as redeemed people.  We cannot stay in “Egypt” so to speak, we have to exodus out and go to the mountain to get the next covenant that ties into the one before it.  The believers in Rome were confusing the function of the two covenants; and we are not much different today.  The covenant at Sinai, where the law or teachings and instructions were given, is not the covenant of promise or faith, that is found in the covenant made with Abraham.  For one to think he can be righteous or become born again by keeping the commandments has misunderstood the purposes of the covenants. That can only come through the blood of Yeshua, the seed of Abraham; but to maintain that righteousness is by keeping the commandments given through the covenant made with Moses.  

We pray that the Spirit of knowledge would be imparted in each one of us to help us rightly divide the Word so that we do not find ourselves in conflict with it. 

Have a blessed and shalom filled preparation day!!!


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River of Life Tabernacle
Tammy McLendon
Great peace have they who love Your law. Psalm 119:165a



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