10th March 2024: Our Daily deLIGHT~1st Day-Wisdom

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Our heavenly Father, by His Spirit, always prepares His people for the next phase.  We see a pattern of this in Numbers 27 where Moses is about to die and is instructed who to put in place of himself.  Notice that he, with the High Priest and the congregation, commissions Joshua because the Spirit is in him. Having the Spirit of YHVH, which is represented by the center shaft of the menorah, which fuels the other branches, is the first prerequisite to walking in the other Spirits of YHVH (Isaiah 11:1-3).  As we read on to Deuteronomy 34 we see what Spirit of YHVH was imparted to him.  It was the Spirit of Wisdom.  Having this Spirit will cause us to walk in the others when needed. 

Numbers 27:15-23 says,

15 Then Moses spoke to YHVH, saying,

16 “May YHVH, the Elohim of the spirits of all fleshappoint a man over the congregation,

17 who will go out and come in before them, and who will lead them out and bring them in, so that the congregation of YHVH will not be like sheep which have no shepherd.”

18 So YHVH said to Moses, “Take Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your hand on him;

19 and have him stand before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation, and commission him in their sight.

20 You shall put some of your authority on him, in order that all the congregation of the sons of Israel may obey him.

21 Moreover, he shall stand before Eleazar the priest, who shall inquire for him by the judgment of the Urim before YHVH. At his command they shall go out and at his command they shall come in, both he and the sons of Israel with him, even all the congregation.”

22 Moses did just as YHVH commanded him; and he took Joshua and set him before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation.

23 Then he laid his hands on him and commissioned him, just as YHVH had spoken through Moses.

Deuteronomy 34:7-9 says,

7 Although Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died, his eye was not dim, nor his vigor abated.

8 So the sons of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days; then the days of weeping and mourning for Moses came to an end.

Now Joshua the son of Nun was filled with the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands on him; and the sons of Israel listened to him and did as YHVH had commanded Moses.

 In just these few passages we see the body working together in obedience to bring about the perfect will of YHVH.  This, too, is operating in the Spirit of Wisdom.

Have a blessed and shalom filled day!!


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