This May at HRN, we are excited to share with you a new live study course from Wisdom in Torah Talmidim, Rico Cortes and Ryan White. This is an intensive study course that took place live in Orlando, Florida. Dive in to the Torah and learn how understanding the principals of Biblical covenant are important and practical for strengthening our walk with Messiah.

For this month’s love gift, we’ve put together 10 hours of intensive study from Rico and Ryan in to a 5 disc DVD package entitled “Legality of the Covenant”. For a donation of $70 or more this month, we will send you this 10 hour “Legality of the Covenant” study course. And for your donation of any amount, you will receive the first 2 messages from this course. We pray this study will be a blessing to you in your walk as we continuously strive to strengthen the roots of our faith! 

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