Tony Robinson

Tony received Yeshua as his Savior in 1980 at the University of Illinois while working on his BS degree in chemistry. Soon after, he began to lead a small group and congregational worship. In 1984 Tony met his future bride, Tina. In 1987 they traveled to Kansas where Tony pursued an MS degree in chemistry. From 1987 - 1997 Tony and Tina helped plant three Vineyard Christian Fellowship congregations. From 1997 - 1999, he served as a Worship Pastor and lay elder in Charlotte, NC. At that time, Adonai graciously opened Tony's eyes to His restoration through the Messianic movement. Since then, Tony, Tina, and their four children have developed a strong foundation for their faith in Yeshua by studying the Torah.  Tony wrote an article entitled, “The Restoration of Torah,” as a result of his intense study of Hebrew roots.  From there the ministry, “Restoration of Torah” was born (  Tony uses an ancient Jewish Scripture study technique known as Thematic Analysis to understand and teach the Scriptures.  Tony’s teaching ministry mainly focuses on 1) teaching the Torah as a foundational document for faith and practice,  2) helping people study the Bible thematically, 3) discovering Messianic truth in the Old Testament pertaining to the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua in three days, 4) helping people understand the importance of the whole burnt offering for their lives today and 5) presenting the true meaning of what Paul meant when he said we are free from the Law.  Currently, Tony is the congregational leader at Beit Israel Hebraic Community in Chattanooga, TN.  Additionally, Tony continues to lead worship and write Messianic congregational songs that celebrate the Torah.