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As Dr. Hollisa Alewine of The Creation Gospel often says, “The question isn’t when will prophecy be fulfilled, but how many times will it be fulfilled.” We must never be lulled to sleep thinking “this was in the past” or “this is for the future”.  Every generation has it’s opportunity to rebel or obey the righteousness of our Heavenly Father and Messiah.  It is by the Power of the Holy Spiritthat we overcome and make wise choices each and every day!!  Today we will look at the prophetic word given to Micah for the rulers and prophets in chapter 3 and see the power and courage that was given to him to call for repentance!! 


Micah 3:1-12 says,

​1 And I said, “Hear now, heads of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel. Is it not for you to know justice?

2 “You who hate good and love evil, who tear off their skin from them and their flesh from their bones,

3 Who eat the flesh of my people, strip off their skin from them, break their bones and chop them up as for the pot and as meat in a kettle.”

4 Then they will cry out to YHVH, but He will not answer them. Instead, He will hide His face from them at that time because they have practiced evil deeds.

5 Thus says YHVH concerning the prophets who lead my people astray; when they have something to bite with their teeth, they cry, “Peace,” but against him who puts nothing in their mouths they declare holy war.

6 Therefore it will be night for you—without vision, and darkness for you—without divination. the sun will go down on the prophets, and the day will become dark over them.

7 The seers will be ashamed and the diviners will be embarrassed. Indeed, they will all cover their mouths because there is no answer from Elohim.

8 On the other hand I [Micah] am filled with power— With the Spirit of YHVH—And with justice and courage to make known to Jacob his rebellious act, Even to Israel his sin.

9 Now hear this, heads of the house of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, who abhor justice and twist everything that is straight,

10 Who build Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with violent injustice.

11 Her leaders pronounce judgment for a bribe, Her priests instruct for a price and her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on YHVH saying, “Is not YHVH in our midst? Calamity will not come upon us.” [This is where deception gets in.  When we continue to put YHVH into what we’re doing, instead of getting into what He’s doing, we deceive ourselves into thinking that He’s blessing it.  It’s imperative that we walk the way of Scripture so that this does not happen.]

12 Therefore, on account of you Zion will be plowed as a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of ruins, and the mountain of the temple will become high places of a forest.

 Jeremiah 1:17-19 says, “17 Now, gird up your loins and arise, and speak to them all which I command you. Do not be dismayed before them, or I will dismay you before them. 18 Now behold, I have made you today as a fortified city and as a pillar of iron and as walls of bronze [Jeremiah, like Micah, was given the power he needs to call the people back into right standing with their Elohim.]against the whole land, to the kings of Judah, to its princes, to its priests and to the people of the land. 19 They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,” declares YHVH.”

May we have the courage we need to walk in the power that the Spirit enables us to have, so that we will love good and hate evil and live a life of righteousness.

Have a blessed and shalom filled day!!


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River of Life Tabernacle
Tammy McLendon
Great peace have they who love Your law. Psalm 119:165a

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