24th December 2020: Our Daily deLIGHT~5th Day-Power

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We have another weekly reminder that as the children of the King of Kings we have been given His power and strength.  He desires for us to walk in that which has been afforded to us.  But we also need to remember to acknowledge it in our prayers of thanksgiving.  Moses and David in the verses below were careful to ascribe to the Holy One of Israel the glory due His name!!!  Today we will read a few accounts of our forefathers recognizing the power of our Elohim to guide and redeem their lives.  These verses can teach us how to praise Him in prayer for His wondrous works and to walk in the strength of His Spirit!!!


Isaiah 45:23-25 says, “​​23 “I have sworn by Myself, the word has gone forth from My mouth in righteousness and will not turn back, that to Me every knee will bow, every tongue will swear allegiance. 24 “They will say of Me, ‘Only in YHVH are righteousness and strength[Power]’ Men will come to Him, and all who were angry at Him will be put to shame. 25 “In YHVH all the offspring of Israel will be justified and will glory.”

The following verses are the praises given to our heavenly Father from thankful and grateful hearts concerning His power in the deliverance and accomplishments of His people!! We must always remember from whom the power and enablement came AND give Him praise for it. A grateful and thankful heart opens up the doors for much freedom and deliverance to be experienced!!  If we feel stuck or trapped in a cycle of regret, depression, anxiety, fear, condemnation…whatever the emotion is, if we will focus forward on thankfulness and gratefulness there would be little to no room left for the other to remain.

Exodus 15:13 says, “In Your lovingkindness, You have led the people whom You have redeemed; In Your strength [PowerYou have guided them to Your holy habitation.” [Another pattern for gathering His redeemed people.]

1 Chronicles 16:11 says, “ Seek YHVH and His strength [Power]; Seek His face continually.” [Another key to strength and freedomSEEK Him.]

1 Chronicles 16:27-28 says, “Splendor and majesty are before Him, strength [Power]; and joy are in His place. 28. Ascribe to YHVH, O families of the peoples, ascribe to YHVH glory and strength[Acknowledge His Power as a community.]

May the Spirit of Power that comes from YHVH be used in our lives to overcome all adversity and then give Him praise for it!!!

Have a blessed and shalom filled day!!


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River of Life Tabernacle
Tammy McLendon
Great peace have they who love Your law. Psalm 119:165a

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